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My Love sounds like...

I can explain.

I know I've said this in passing but I love playlists.

I make playlists for every mood or setting that I've pictured in my head. Getting ready to go out, making coffee, showering, working from home, crying my eyes out, you name it.

If you look at my Spotify account you'll see over a dozen that I've made.

Something about making a cinematic score through a playlist that makes the experiences in life just a little bit more whimsical. Can you tell I'm a Leo? HAHA.


Making playlists is also a love language for me, too.

And when I love you? I go above and beyond making you a playlist.

I make you a Mix tape.

(If I've ever made you one, you best believe you were special to me at one point).

I used to make these personal mix tapes where I sing covers of the favorite songs that the person I wanna give the tape to. And in those recordings I will leave comments and giggles as if I'm playing and talking to you personally. It's essentially a customized Hera show. I like thinking of it like a night with me, where you and I are just hanging out and i have a guitar on hand and then I sing to you while you make dinner or something. I record the whole thing in one take, mistakes included. I then put it in a CD and then gift it to them with a custom hand made cover art. It's the perfect Christmas gift. I think it's great for long distance relationships, or when you just have a busy lifestyle and you wanna make presents that make your person feel close to you when you have little time together. I've only ever made 3 of these. 1 of them I can never recover because I didn't keep a back up. HAHA. But the other 2 are now available to listen to on SOUNDCLOUD!

I revisited my soundcloud recently and remembered that some of these old mixes have been uploaded to my profile as a back up. I've made them public now because I feel very proud of these recordings. These very vulnerable, silly recordings that are probably never going to be listened to by the people I made them for. But I wanted to share them with you because I am reminded again of a reason why I sing. Singing is an audible expression of feelings. Music and singing comes in when words are not enough to communicate how you feel. And in these recordings I have laid down everything that heart felt.

This is what MY Love sounds like.

VOLUME 2: Recorded in 2021 in our cute little downtown apartment

I used to call this Volume "out of this world type Love". I was DEEEEP in Love when I made these recordings. Looking back now, it is shocking the amount of Love I was feeling. That's just what happens when you fall in love with your best friend. I felt the most myself in the way that I loved back then before the chaos. I was full Leo, flaunting and screaming and yelling how much I loved this person. The silly Love, the sexy Love.

VOLUME 1: Recorded in 2017 in my old house's bathroom haha

I was in my early 20's making these recordings. I was naive and young and didn't know any better. I just knew I loved this person and was willing to do everything to make them happy. And I mean everything. It was probably the first time I ever loved as deeply as I did though. I was realizing my capacities and discovering my limits too. I think what makes these recordings special was that I wasn't a bitter fuck yet. This was pre-cheated on Hera. Just pure love and loyalty in recordings.


It might feel kinda weird at first to be listening to these recordings that were meant to be heard by one person, but I'm telling you now as the person who recorded these, it's okay to listen. This is what MY Love sounds like and I wanted to share it because of the silly, giddy and warm feelings these recordings offer. It's so scary to fall in Love, to be in Love because it means pain too. May these recordings be a reminder that Love is scary yes, but also safe, warm, gentle and joyful. It feels so incredibly powerful when it's right that it will make your heart sing.

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