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a toast! to letting go.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A new chapter for the both of us.

Change is painful but necessary.

Perhaps we had to end, for us to finally start.

Only apart.


Tears falling.

Raise a glass,

I have something to say..

Cheers my love!

To the start of a new life,

Cheers to you,

To me,

To Love,

and to the end of us.

Goodbye late night arguments,

Farewell sleepless nights.

Goodbye tender massages,

and afternoon naps on the rug.

I'll miss kitchen back hugs,

and tender forehead kisses.

A toast to every photo we took and to the ones we forgot to take,

Another for every curated playlist that was never fully heard,

Another for every time we chose not to say I love you,

Another for every time we did and meant it with out hearts.

Cheers to every battle won together,

Cheers to not having to fight anymore.

Cheers to freedom, my love.

Cheers to letting go.

I will miss you, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow

I will miss us,

all that could've been,

all of what was...

I never thought we'd end up here.

But let's drink to being meant for each other, but not meant to be.

Thank you forever and forever.

I will always love thee.

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